Sophia’s Diarrhea Doll

Sexy blonde Sophia Sprinkle makes a big mess in the scat video “Sophia’s Diarrhea Doll”. Sophia is dressed up in a onesie that says “Yes, Daddy?”  and ready to play in her pink playhouse. She produces a big titted sex doll from inside the pink playhouse, surely for some kinky scat fun. After slapping its silicone tits, she names the doll Pamela. Sophia is excited to play with her new scatdoll. She starts off by rubbing Pamela’s nipples, gradually moving down to touch the tight silicon twat. Sophia inserts her fingers into the small hole, making it gape for the camera. Pamela’s asshole isn’t safe from Sophia’s probing fingers either. Sophia’s fingers explore the tiny asshole, prepping Pamela for her first scat experience. 

Blonde Sophia changes into an outfit better suited for kinky scat play; completely bottomless aside from cute socks. Sophia is kneeling over Pamela’s bit titted torso. Her fingers spread her ass wide open. Sophia lets loose an explosive mess of diarrhea onto Pamela. Sophia is moaning with relief, all at Pamela’s expense. After covering the scat doll in fresh messy poop, Sophia rinses Pamela down with her piss. After Sophia is finished relieving herself all over the pink playhouse and Pamela, she gives us a close up of the mess she’s made.  Pamelas big tits and silicon twat are covered in chunky wet scat. Surrounding the filthy doll are puddles of Sophia’s piss. Sophia sure made a big mess in her playhouse today.  Further more info here https://scatsy.com/product/sophias-diarrhea-doll/