Tips for Using Online Dating Platforms

We can all agree that the landscape of dating has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Everything started with the Internet, especially since it allowed people to find their soul mates or hookups with additional convenience.

The idea of finding someone for a lifetime is not something that we can do by matching our own opinions with someone else’s, but the process is working for numerous couples across the globe.

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Today, we have numerous simple-to-use dating platforms and apps that we can use on mobile devices and PCs, which allows us to reach people we wish to date in a matter of seconds.

You will connect with other profiles with a single tap of your finger, both a good and bad situation. The lousy situation arrives because most apps do not require relevant and legitimate verification of your personal information and age.

That is the main reason why most people, as well as younger generation, have the access to meet strangers by using free apps from their mobile devices. As you can see, this is a bad thing about these apps in general.

According to numerous reports, approximately twenty million people are using dating apps and platforms nowadays, which is two times larger number than five years back. However, you should know that these sites do not have the regulations that detect the number of members.

Even though the overall dating process is safe, you are risking violating numerous laws when it comes to sexual assault, minors, and even prostitution in some cases. At the same time, you will not be able to run a background check each time you talk with someone by using these apps.

That is the main reason why you should learn how to protect yourself along the way. We decided to present to you a few tips that will help you with understanding what you should do and things you should avoid doing while using a dating app.

1.Avoid Sexting At The Most Popular Platforms

Tips for Using Online Dating Platforms

You should have in mind that one of the most popular words in online communication and dating is “sexting.” We are talking about the practice of sending semi-nude or nude images of you to someone else by using a mobile device.

It is one of the most popular ways of communication for teenagers all across the US. However, the regulations do not exist when it comes to sexting, which means that you can easily send a nude image to someone else without facing any precaution.

The main problem lies in the idea that minor teens are sexting with one another, and they are committing numerous criminal offenses, including child pornography and many others.

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Therefore, if you are an adult and you wish to engage in sexting, you are putting yourself at risk of sending or receiving images from minors.

Since some dating apps will not show the age, or if they do, the people that are using them can easily say whatever number without further verification, the process of sending and receiving can lead to severe consequences.

2.Ask For Age

As you can see from everythingwe have mentioned above, online dating apps are filled with minors that want to have a good time, which is not allowed by law and regulations. Therefore, you should ask for age first before you engage in any communication.

Of course, you cannot be 100% certain about the age of a person you are talking with, but it is crucial to start with this question.

Imagine that you wish to find a soul mate, and you end up facing criminal charges because you talked and shared images with a minor with an idea of engaging in sexual activity.

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In every state across the US, solicitation of a minor is a severe crime, and you will end up a few years in county jail with the scarlet letter on your forehead.

In some states, you will also have to face federal charges in case you intend to engage in sexual activities with a minor, which means that the prosecution will be much more expensive and harsh than before.